I’m Steve. I work full time as a chief engineer at a big name hotel. And, after my wife’s and my retirement accounts took a nose dive I realized it was time to get serious about some proactive electrical self-sufficiency. I’m nearly 60 and would like to retire someday, after all. While we’re on track to pay down our mortgage, the electricity bill is something we can’t do much about that’s likely to increase, not decrease, in the future.

Since the thought of shivering our way through North Carolina’s relatively mild winter (six, record-breaking, inches of snow this year) has absolutely no appeal, I’m talking the wife into letting me make our own electricity. I’m planning a combination of wind generation and solar power so that we’ll be well prepared for our future.

As an engineer, I know my way around electrical wiring and what have you. So, my daughter talked me into starting a blog (who am I kidding? she set it up for me and handed me the keyboard with a look that let me know she means business) so that I could share my know how with anyone else out there who might be interested in making their own electricity.

Though I have no legal background whatsoever, I feel the need to say, “Apply what you learn here at your own risk.” I’ve seen a lot of really shitty electrical work in my day, and while it usually doesn’t actually burn the place down like it probably should, that doesn’t make it safe. (And, sometimes, it *does* burn the place down and electrical fires can be devastating.) I want you to be safe, so be careful! And don’t blame me if you do something you probably weren’t qualified to be doing and get hurt. Thanks!

Whenever you visit a site like this one, it’s a pretty good bet that the author is getting a small percentage of money if you click on an ad or purchase a recommended product. Hosting a website isn’t cheap, writing the content for a website is time consuming, and the creators of products like to say “Thanks for recommending my book” or whatever.

This site is no different. I devote several hours a week to writing free content for you to enjoy, and one of the ways I make that worthwhile is through running advertisements. Sometimes, I recommend a product using an affiliate link which means I make a small amount of money if you purchase the product I recommended. Consider this page my disclosure of that, and just assume that if I’ve recommended it, or linked to it, I’m getting something for making that recommendation. If you disagree with this policy, it’s your responsibility to go elsewhere.

Just because I recommend something doesn’t mean it’s right for you–you’re an individual and your situation is unique. Heck, even if we met in person and had an hour-long conversation I still wouldn’t be an expert on what *you* need or what will work for *you*. That’s YOUR job. So, take my recommendations with a grain of salt, make your own decision, and just assume that if you do buy something I’ve recommended, I may be getting a part of your purchase price which goes towards the support of this site.

Personally, I think all of this should go without saying, and I’m pretty sure you do, too. You’re smart. You know when a particular book or product is right for you. And you can make your own decisions about what to buy or what to click.

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