The 1-2-3-Renewable energy wind power plan

So you’d like to install renewable energy wind power at home. There are three simple things you must know:

Step One: Get obsessed with wind
You need to know where on your lot you get the highest wind speeds, where you won’t need to go up quite so high to get the best wind power generation, and where you can count on the wind to be blowing most of the year.

Because lot elevations, tree lines, and other buildings all play a big role in wind speeds, take your time exploring what you have. You might want to call out a renewable energy wind power consultant to help you take measurements and locate the very best location for your residential wind power generator.

Step Two: Keep your needs in the picture
Don’t forget what you need to get out of this! Do you need the residential wind power generator to not be visible from the street due to HOA restrictions? Do you need to generate a certain amount of electricity to make the whole process worthwhile? Do you want to be able to use a certain style of wind power generator? You’re setting up a renewable energy wind power system and it needs to work *for* you, not against you, so don’t forget your needs when you’re concocting your plan.

Step Three: Keep your eyes open and be ready to change course
The world of renewable energy wind power is changing very fast right now and while it’s well worth diving in with both feet, make sure that you stay alert to updates and changes. Current generators are really reliable, long-lasting, and efficient, and there’s no need to wait for new bells and whistles. Right now the big things that are coming out on the market are embellishments, not actual substantial improvements. So the latest models are paintable, unless you intend to be out there with a spray can once a year, you probably don’t want to paint your renewable energy wind power generator anyway!

In other words, don’t let the fear of how the technology might change in the future keep you from taking action now. As renewable energy wind power becomes more popular, and as electricity bills rise, prices for generators will go up and by waiting you’ll definitely pay more. So, it’s better to get started now and start to see cost savings, just stay alert to any improvements in the future that would mean it’s time to add a second renewable energy wind power generator to your house.

What’s the basic plan you’re following to install renewable energy wind power to your house?

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