Is Wind Power Keeping You Poor?

Yeppers, out there, they’re laughing at us. The power company execs are sitting around their gorgeous mahogany boardroom tables laughing their heads off at us.

“Look at their ‘wind power projects,'” they’re saying. “Look at how hard they’re working to build residential wind turbines and cut their dependence on our power plants.” Ha! Ha! Ha!

We run ourselves ragged learning about specs and wind velocity and roof pitch, running calculations, assembling wind kits, and doing our part to take this whole “foreign oil over reliance” into our own hands and actually *do* something about it instead of just wringing our hands over it.

The power execs think this is hi-larious. And they’re not entirely wrong. After all, wind power *is* a lot of trouble. You are going to a lot of work to build your own wind turbine and reduce your reliance on the local power company. All while they sit back and cash their fat bonus checks on top of their cushy salaries.

What they don’t know is that there’s a secret to all of this to zoom you ahead in the whole wind power realm that’ll cut their bonus checks (at least by your portion), keep that money in your pocket, and stop bleeding you dry of every spare waking moment.

What is that secret? Partnerships, baby. If you’ve got a family, get everyone on board with this project. Got neighbors, they’re a perfect group to get engaged and on board and all working together.

See, ultimately, that’s why the power execs sit at that big board room table laughing at us–because they’re not doing it alone. They’re not lone rangers. They know they need help. They have huge teams doing their will–from VPs to assistants to the actual workers on the ground checking and fixing lines.

So, if you don’t want wind power to keep you poor, bleed you dry of time and money, and just generally erode your quality of life… Get yourself a team. Assign parts of the project to each team member. Delegate, work together.

After all, we *all* benefit from wind power projects. Your kids will benefit because we’re protecting the planet (plus, they might be able to pick up some fantastic school extra credit if they check with their teachers). Your neighbors will benefit from smaller electric bills. If you need help getting people on board your team, send them here so they can start reading up on wind power.

So, don’t let wind power keep you poor. Engage a team and get moving forward!

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