Wind Kit Wasn’t So Successful

I owe y’all photos of my wind kit, and they’re coming as soon as I get new batteries for the digital camera. In the meantime, I wanted to give some basic thoughts on the wind kit that I purchased and how it went together.

First, make sure you read all of the instructions very, very carefully. I didn’t because I thought, “how hard can it be to put together a wind kit?” and rushed right ahead… And wound up having to take everything apart not once but *twice*. My wife stood in the doorway of the basement laughing her head off.

So, if you want to avoid being laughed at by *your* spouse, read the directions before starting your wind kit.

The second thing I learned is that it’s okay to fiddle with the wind kit for the best fit. When I finally got the wind kit put together, it was really noisy. Fortunately, since I’d already put it together and taken it apart twice, I had a pretty good sense of which bits to tighten to stop the rattling noise. I also oiled it a bit for good measure. So, if your wind kit goes together a bit noisily, you can probably safely rejigger it a bit to cut down on any noise.

The third thing I learned is that the wind kit probably wasn’t worth the money–the parts here are fine, and they’re certainly okay quality, but I have a feeling that buying the pieces myself and putting it all together with an instruction manual would have been a far better use of my time, money, and energy.

At the end of the day, there a couple reasons we won’t be using the wind turbine I built with the wind kit (don’t worry, I haven’t given up on my plans to make my home wind powered), so I really don’t recommend this approach. But, like I said when I began, the whole reason I’m writing these messages is to help you avoid the major pitfalls of residential wind power. So, pitfall number one: you probably don’t want to buy a wind kit, and instead you probably want to be a total do-it-yourselfer with a wind power instruction manual.

Stay tuned for future pitfalls ;-). And, if you’ve had any success (or failure) with a wind kit, share your story!

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