Wind turbine featured on Extreme Home Makeover

How cool was that, seeing a residential wind turbine on Extreme Home Makeover on May 17? I actually cheered when they showed it–it exemplified all that’s so excellent about residential wind turbines. It was quiet, relatively small, and looked sort of like a sci-fi gadget in the back yard ;-).

What’s more, it’s from an up and coming company called Mariah Power (“They Call the Wind Mariah”–oh come on, you sang it too… Unless you’re a lot younger than I am, in which case, Google it–it’s from the musical Oklahoma). Mariah Power is putting people back to work in Michigan (yay!) and has an entire section on their site about the outstanding pros of their new Windspire (the wind turbine featured on Extreme Home Makeover).

The residential wind turbine featured on Extreme Home Makeover is just 30 feet tall which is a big boon for neighborhoods everywhere–a way to get wind power without gigantic eye sores on every block.

Plus, my wife was thrilled to see the Windspire residential wind turbine can even be repainted in any color you’d like so you can turn it into “art” or paint it to fade (at least a little) into the background.

So, if you’re in the market for a relatively small, very quiet, attractive, made-in-America, famous residential turbine, you’ll definitely want to read up on the Windspire. Thanks Extreme Home Makeover!

(And if you’ve seen it in person, post a comment and let us all know what you thought!)

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