Wind Alternative Energy: Is it all just a big ole scam?

Mailbag! That’s right, we have a reader-submitted question, this time from Claire. Thanks Claire!

Claire wrote: “Tell me the truth: Is wind alternative energy just one gigantic scam? It seems like it’s trendy right now because of the President and because it’s become popular to want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, but I’m just not convinced that residential wind alternative energy is anything more than a crock.”

Oh Claire, how thrilled you’re going to be. Because I was exactly where you are about a year ago when I started hearing about people investing in wind farms and wind energy. I thought the whole thing was bogus and silly and hippie dippie with no basis in reality.

I was wrong. And you know what, I’m thrilled that I was wrong. I think you will be too because, in this case, that means that not only is wind alternative energy not even remotely a crock, but it’s actually an easy, do-able way that you can help the planet and keep more money in your pocket. Both of which are pretty darn cool, don’t you agree?

I’ll admit, I can completely relate to what you’re asking here. When something becomes trendy, especially something  in the energy world, it can really seem like the only reason its popular is that people are a little too eager to cling to the next big thing. People are always looking for new and improved and so I can absolutely understand why you’d think that’s what was behind the wind alternative energy popularity.

What’s more, the proponents of green energy, and particularly wind alternative energy are rabid-fan-crazy. They talk about this stuff non-stop, and as if there’s not one single drawback to wind alternative energy. It’s enough to make any sane, sensible person want to hate on the whole idea of renewable energy just to avoid the kind of people who do like this stuff.

So, Claire, and anyone else who might think wind alternative energy is nothing but a scam, know that I empathize. I really do! But, I also think you’ll be so much happier when you come over to the dark side and try wind alternative energy at home for yourself. You’ll be helping save the planet and saving cashy money–and that’s definitely no scam.

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