Solar Wind Power: Why do both?

My neighbors have been talking a lot about my hybrid solar wind power house plans–they’re curious why I’m melding the two and want to know why I wouldn’t stick with just one or the other. This has been inspiring some great conversations and I thought you might find the information we’ve been discussing to be helpful.

So, if you’ve been wondering why I’m doing a hybrid solar wind power house, here’s the skinny.

You know I got started with all of this because I wanted to get cheap electricity for when my wife and I retire and have paid off our mortgage. It’ll feel great not to have a big old electricity bill, and I know that this way we won’t have to struggle with those feelings of guilt you get when you want to turn on the heat because it’s freezing but you really can’t afford to yet. So, that got me started on my cheap electricity/green electricity pursuit.

I researched the two obvious contenders: solar and wind power. And what I found was that there were significant pros and cons to each. When there’s no wind, there’s no power with a wind-only system; when there’s no sun, there’s no power with a solar-only system. So, what made the most sense for my home was to combine the two so that I had a hybrid solar wind power home system. Sort of like hybrid cars where they don’t run exclusively on electricity, but they also don’t run exclusively on gasoline and as a result wind up availing themselves of the advantages of both!

In general, a wind power home system is cheaper to build and install. But, a solar power home system may be a more reliable, steady source of electricity (depending on where you live). So, merging both means you don’t need a pricey whole-house solar power system, or to rely on wind power that may or may not happen on any given day.

That’s why I decided on a solar wind power hybrid for my home. What are the decision making factors you’re considering?

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