Are wind power kits worth it?

Are you considering buying a wind power kit and want to know if it’s worth it before you take the leap? Well, let’s run the numbers!

On average, most Americans spend about $150-200/month on electricity. Now, keep in mind, that’s averaged over the entire country–regionally, there are wide variations. For instance, when I lived in San Diego, my electricity bill was about half what it is now because of the temperate climate–we never used heat *or* air conditioning and we saved a bundle! So, if you live in a particularly cold or hot climate, your bill is probably considerably higher.

Once installing residential wind power kits, you can typically expect your average electricity bill to drop in half or more. Now, again, this is going to depend on your location and the height of your wind tower. To generate wind energy, you must have wind. You can run a test on your site to see what kind of average wind speed you’re likely to get in your area and that will help you determine your unique numbers.

But, let’s stick with the 50% figure for now. That means that, over the course of a year, you can expect to save right around $1200 or more. Since wind power kits tend to be quite cheap, it seems to me they’re a mere drop in the bucket for the savings potential. Especially when you consider that you’ll keep saving that amount, year after year.

Another thing to consider is that if one wind power kit drops your electric bill by 50%, you can absolutely install more wind power kits to reduce your bill even more. With two wind power kits, you’d have no bill at all, and with three, you’d be making a tidy $100/month from your electric company (assuming they have a program in place to buy energy you generate–check first). Now are you starting to see the potential here and why I’m so genuinely excited about the possibilities of wind power kits?

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