Discounts on electric bill

Are you ready to get discounts on your electric bill? For anyone who wants to pay less for electricity, it can feel frustrating to know where to start. Most of us have only one choice for our power company and they’re not inclined to negotiate rates.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to be at the mercy of your local power company!

Starting today commit yourself to taking off on this marvelous adventure: you’re going to do whatever it takes to start reducing your electric bill so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. All you have to do today to make a much more powerful tomorrow (please forgive the pun) is to take that first step and commit yourself to learning what needs to be done. What’s more, I think you’ll be surprised at how much less work it is than you expected.

The best way to keep this commitment to yourself is to research wind power for a home. You can build your own wind turbine (sometimes people think these are called windmills), and it’s easier than ever before to do so today.

By building a wind turbine from scratch, you’re saving loads of money and doing your part to decrease our reliance on foreign oil and other dubious energy sources. What’s more, you can potentially save a small fortune off your monthly electric bill!

Learning about and using wind power is a great father-son project, too. It gives you opportunity to teach your son real world science and mathematics, not to mention all the chances it presents for getting your hands dirty building things and the pride you’ll feel at having built something together with your own four hands.

My son was really impressed when we first started building a wind turbine together. Seems his “old man” still knows a thing or two he doesn’t–that he’s interested in. We got to spend several Saturdays together putting together all the pieces and at the end of our work together, he saved a bundle on his electric bill–that’s what I call win win!

What’s more, he’d been feeling guilty about the electricity he uses–not that he’d cut back any, just that he was feeling guilty–and now he doesn’t need to because most of the electricity he uses is of his own creation. Imagine how empowering that is for your son–to give him the tools, with his own two hands–to make his own electricity and provide it for his family. It’s pretty incredible.

I’ve collected great resources for you on this Site so that you can begin your own wind power home adventure. Enjoy!

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