Global Warming Means it’s Time to Make Your Own Electricity

Sure, there are still those who debate whether or not global warming is actually happening. And as we’ve talked about before, I don’t understand why it matters. Whether the planet is getting hotter (or it just seems that way), and whether we’re causing climate change through our rampant, excessive use of resources with no regard for the future, there is a limit to the fossil fuels on our planet. Sure, we may yet find vast, untapped supplies of them, but the fact is they take a long time to create, and all of the fossil fuels that our generation will be able to use were long ago created. So, why wouldn’t we be smart about this and conserve when we can and use renewable energy whenever possible?

With record heat this summer and tragic famines rightfully making headlines, many people are calling for more progress on the green front. And it’s frustrating how long it’s taking us (particularly in the US) to make responsible changes. I well remember the 70s when I and my peers dedicated ourselves to the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and to committing ourselves to not follow in our parents’ footsteps. (And yet, that’s precisely what we did, taking consumerism and reckless use of resources to whole new heights.)

The on-going economic crisis also calls attention to the need to shape up in our dealings with the environment. For too long, companies have been allowed to operate in whatever way they choose, causing whatever damage they like, and dealing in utterly unsustainable ways. And as individuals, we’ve followed suit with lifestyles that require too much energy, too much credit, and too little substance.

It’s horrible that people are suffering the way they are now. I truly believe that. But, I also believe that if our present day sufferings cause us to course correct and blaze a new, sustainable trail, it might not be worth the price, but it *may* at least make the lives lost not lost for naught. Let’s do this, together. Let’s commit to bringing about a sustainable, deeply resonant, connected lifestyle where we know our neighbors, use only the energy we need, and don’t cool our homes to 68 degrees in the summer.

One of the easiest ways to join me is by learning to make your own electricity. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills, and be actively involved in making the world a better place for all of us.

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