Energy efficient hvac

We’ve talked before about the importance of conserving electricity at home. I’m all about living a good, comfortable life (so, we don’t keep the heat down at 50 degrees in the winter and bundle up in eighteen layers), but I also think it’s important to make the most of the resources we have, even when we’re using renewable, green energy to power our homes.

One of the biggest energy drains in most homes is the HVAC system. If it’s not properly maintained (replace those filters!), or if it’s ancient, it’s not operating at an efficient level and it’s costing you a lot more than it ought to to keep your home comfortable.

So, I ask you this: when’s the last time you had your HVAC checked? It’s simple, really, to have a technician come out and inspect your system and make sure it’s working optimally. I recommend working with a company that doesn’t install systems if you can find one–that way you won’t have to worry about ulterior motivation if they recommend you replace your system.

I challenge you to make a phone call today to have your system checked so that you can be sure your hvac is energy efficient. Of course, if you already know that it’s not, and you know it’s time to replace your system, take the first step to make that happen instead (even if it’s just setting aside $10 to put towards the investment).

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