Become a wind turbine technician

If you want to get involved in saving the environment while getting a paycheck all in one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, it’s time to consider training to be a wind turbine technician.

Obviously, wind power is big business, and as the government and corporations become more interested in exploring it, they need qualified professionals to help setup and maintain the systems. That’s where you can come in, if you’re looking for a new career.

Green energy is in such high demand, and there aren’t currently a lot of programs training technicians–that means those technicians that are out there are generally well-paid and not taken for granted by their employers. Since most industries in the US are flooded with qualified workers and not enough openings, this is a really unique opportunity.

By the year 2030, the US Department of Energy insists 30% of the US government’s energy needs be served by wind energy. Since currently, only 2% of the government’s energy is generated by wind, well, you do the math! That’s huge potential for big growth and big demand for qualified workers.

Programs typically can last as few as six months. Imagine, being trained and ready to go in an up-and-coming, in-demand industry in just six months. That’s basically unheard of, of course. Most jobs these days you need a specialized four year degree just to qualify to fetch someone’s coffee!!

So, if you’re even a tiny bit interested, I definitely think you’d be smart to look into becoming a wind turbine technician.

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