Homemade mosquito prevention

It’s just about mosquito season here in North Carolina (joy!) and I wanted to share my favorite tips for keeping yourself from being devoured by mosquitoes.

You can read about All Natural Mosquito Repellents for some information on which plants to add to your garden to keep mosquitoes at bay, or read on to find out how to make your very own homemade preventions.

To keep mosquitoes off your skin, dilute lavender essential oil (with a carrier oil–it’s always wise to dilute essential oils for use directly on the skin to help prevent sensitivity) and apply to your pulse points just like it was perfume. The lavender scent repels mosquitoes and doesn’t smell terrible–rather it smells like nice laundry detergent.

For the men in my audience, lemongrass essential oil often works nearly as well as lavender and is a less feminine scent, but truthfully, I find that the lavender scent disperses pretty quickly and if anyone catches a whiff and raises an eyebrow, you can always say it’s your mosquito repellent spray–after all, that’s the truth!

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