How Many Windmills to Power My Home?

I got an email the other day asking how many windmills I use to power my home and wanted to address that right away. It’s a great question! First, though, remember that everyone’s electricity usage is different, everyone’s home is different (yours might be larger, or smaller, than ours, or more or less energy efficient, plus you might live in an area that requires more or less heating or cooling), and to find out “How many wind turbines would I need to power my whole house?” you’ll want to read that previous article for more specific advice.

But, here at my house, we currently have three homemade windmills that generate just about all of the power we use. We do have gas for some of the functions of our home, and we also have a few backup solar power generators. We’ve found that this mix works really well for our home and location. If you’d like to make your own windmills to power your home, click here for a page that can help.

Do you have any questions about how windmills power my home? Feel free to email and let me know!

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