Financing wind power dreams

Wondering how to finance your wind power dreams? Not sure how to afford a residential windmill? Let’s talk!

With the current credit crunch, it can absolutely be trickier to get financing for the equipment you need to power your home with wind energy, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Here are just a few:

  • Save the money. I know it’s boring, but if you start setting aside even a small percentage of your paycheck, you’ll have the money to afford to harness wind power in a pretty short period of time. Even better, why not save the equivelent of each month’s electric bill–after all, with your residential windmill up and running, you’ll be kissing that bill goodbye and it’s kind of fun to use that number as extra motivation.
  • Earn extra money. I highly recommend Rich Dad, Poor Dad for tips on earning extra income–he does a great job. You can also finance your residential wind power by building extra residential windmills for neighbors and selling them on Craigslist. Once you have yours installed and can show people how much money you’re saving, you’ll have even more opportunity to make money with this venture.
  • Remember it’s an investment. And, unlike the stock market, or even your home’s equity, this is an investment that will absolutely pay off. After all, harnessing wind power and replacing your reliance on the power company will save you money on that bill month after month (which is made even better when you consider that your electric bill rises year after year).

What are some approaches you’ve considered for financing your wind power dreams?

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