Whole house wind turbine

If you’d like to power your whole house with a wind turbine system, you’ll need more than just the turbine itself. Here’s how to set up the system.

Step One: Take a look at your last year’s worth of electric bills. Look for the highest amount of electricity you’ve ever used. Technically, if you want to ensure you never pay a power bill again, you’ll want more watts than that highest figure. But, truthfully, unless you plan to sell your unused electricity back to the power company, it’s probably a savvier idea to plan to produce as much electricity as you need in an average month and to simply pay the electric company a little bit for that month or two when you need more electricity each year.

Step Two: Determine how many wind turbines to power your house. (That’s a little complicated, so rather than rewrite the formula, I’ll just send you to the article I already wrote on the topic.)

Step Three: Buy your whole wind generator system. You’ll need:

  • a whole house wind turbine (or multiple turbines, depending on your preference)
  • a pole (or poles) if it’s not included with the turbine
  • batteries (to store the wind power for later use)
  • a battery charge controller
  • an inverter
  • additional wiring to bring it all together

Step Four: Hook it all together. This step can be tricky if you don’t have a background as an electrician–if that’s the case, it’s probably well worth the investment to bring in a professional to build a wind power system. Of course, there are books on the subject that can help if you want to tackle it on your own.

Step Five: Enjoy your whole house wind turbine system knowing that you’ve reduced your family’s reliance on nuclear power and fossil fuels and kept a lot of money in your pocket.

Have you built a whole house wind turbine yet? Share how it worked for you in the comments.

(Also, just a heads up, when I link to products on Amazon, I do use an affiliate link–that means that if you buy a product I’ve linked here, I’ll receive a small commission. I use that money to fund the development of this site so that I can keep bringing you ideas for wind power at home.)

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