Residential solar panel systems

We recently purchased a residential solar panel system (15 similar to this one) for our home. It should output about half of our energy needs, and though the investment was steep, it’ll suit our roofline and adds value to our home should we decide to sell.

The reason my wife and I decided to add residential solar panels to our wind-powered system was that with our goal of being 100% off-grid and disconnected from the power supply, we realized that if there was no wind for several days, we could be without power. More important than that, though, we realized that in the case of problems with our wind turbines, we wanted a backup. We considered a gas-powered generator, but that wasn’t quite reliable enough (during an emergency, gas can be hard to come by whether because stations don’t have much, or because their power is out and they can’t pump it), so ultimately we decided to invest in solar panels.

This means our house is now 100% reliant on homemade power–we no longer need the electrical grid for service. For the time being, we’ll stay attached and sell the excess back to the power company. In the future, though, we do plan to cut our power line so that we can be fully self-reliant.

What do you think of the idea of hybridizing your power plans? Would you consider having both wind and residential solar panel systems?

(BTW, yes, that’s an affiliate link up there. Remember, most links on this site are affiliate links. Always do your own due diligence to ensure a product we mention is the right fit for you.)

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