Wind powered ?!*%?

Thought it’d be fun to see what *else* can be wind powered other than a house. So, here’s what I’ve discovered.

  1. Wind powered car. What fun!
  2. Wind powered garden light. Not sure why wind would be better than solar in this case, but to each his own.
  3. Knitting machine that works when the wind blows.
  4. Robot! (Okay, so it’s not *really* a robot powered by a breeze, but the video is still really cool.)
  5. “Wind powered” laptop. (Read why that’s in quotes .) Seems one company thought labeling a laptop as green by buying some carbon offset credits would make it sell better in Japan. A must-read about how consumers are being hoodwinked by the green trend. (Which is not to say that everything green-related is a scam, just that some companies are less than above board in this arena.)

Enjoy the links to all-things wind powered and to learning about what *else* you can use renewable energy for. I sure did enjoy creating the roundup!

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