All natural mosquito repellents

It’s garden week here on Wind Power Home Guide, and one of the first topics I wanted to cover is all-natural mosquito repellents.

I live in the South where mosquitoes are gigantic (the rumors are true) and very blood thirsty. So, in order to enjoy being outdoors at all, mosquito repellents are a must.

At my home, I use a two-pronged approach: we’ve planted several plants in our garden that repell mosquitoes naturally. That means a border of beautiful French lavender which mosquitoes don’t like at all. It also means we’ve planted catnip in big pots along our patio. Both these plants are great for keeping mosquitoes at bay, naturally.

Then, I also always apply an all-natural mosquito repellent before going outdoors. It’s crucial to apply it liberally, and to reapply according to the directions for maximum protection.

Sure, you can use DEET or other harsh chemicals, but personally, I don’t think that’s in keeping with our creedo here at Wind Power Home–when there’s something natural that works just as well, why not use that instead.

Enjoy your mosquito free yard for the rest of the summer! And if you have a favorite all-natural mosquito repellent, I’d love to hear about it.

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