Save a mountain: the Coal River Wind Project

Several years ago, there was a wind power engineering study done on Coal River Mountain. The study determined that the mountain was perfect for renewable wind energy turbines. With the right turbines installed, enough power would be generated each year to power 70,000 homes. That’s clean, renewable wind energy that’ll be available year after year.

Sadly, Massey Energy is applying for permits to blow the mountain open to get at the coal inside. This project would obliterate the mountain’s potential as a wind power haven and leave the mountain itself damaged and mangled.

You can help prevent this destruction. Not only would the wind alternative equal tax revenue for the county, but it would also keep the only area mountain that remains untouched by this destructive coal mining process. It’s time to let energy companies know that while we want to keep our homes powered, we don’t want them to keep doing it at such a high cost to the environment. There are many alternatives to blowing 1000 feet off the top of a mountain and destroying the majestic Appalachian Mountains.

By using renewable wind power instead, we can create a perpetual source of electricity for the foreseeable future. Plus, installing wind turbines creates new jobs and provides a community with much-needed hope. Sure, I don’t want to see wind turbines on every mountain–our kids need to know what the natural world looks like without our footprint–but I’d much rather see wind turbines on the mountain than it’s top literally blown off.

When I first heard of the project, I thought it was called the “Cold River Wind Project” ;-), but it’s called the Coal River Wind Project and you can get involved.

What do you think of destructive coal mining processes? And how do you see wind power fitting into the natural world in the future?

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