How many wind turbines would I need to power my whole house?

Ah, the perennial question–how many wind turbines do you need for a whole house?

Obviously, there are a lot of variables involved–how much electricity you use each month, your typical wind speeds, the size/capacity of the wind turbine, and how energy efficient your home is.

So, accepting all of that, on average, it takes 3-8 smallish wind turbines to power an average home. There are larger turbines that can power your whole house on their own, but they typically cost upwards of ten grand and if you’re going to rely exclusively on one turbine, it’s likely the model you pick out will need special permitting and permissions from your town, which may add additional cost. Plus the installation can get really pricey.

That’s why I think you’re better off installing multiple smaller wind turbines–it’s easier, cheaper, and tends to keep you out of trouble with local governments who might want to encourage wind power, but they still need to make sure neighborhoods are aesthetically appealing.

In the guide I recommend, you can learn how to build a windmill for under $200 so if you build four of these models, you’re almost certain to get your electricity bill covered for about an $800 investment (unless your electric bill is really high or your wind speeds are far below the average, in which case you’ll need one or two extras).

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