Is your house full of chemicals

What good is green energy on the outside of your house if the inside is chemical ridden and unhealthy? Not much, if you ask me.

When you pour bleach and other household cleaners down the drain, it gets into the water supply. And cleaning your house with harmful chemicals seems to be tied to a *600%* increase in asthma in the last 40 years (as we’ve used more chemicals, asthma rates have gone up). I don’t know about you, but using those chemicals often makes me a little dizzy, so I can definitely understand that they might not be the best choice for my health!

That’s why I really enjoyed reading The Green Clean which is bursting with great, easy to follow recipes for green household cleaners. They cover everything from laundry to leather to pets and offer great guidance on those extra-germy rooms–the kitchen and the bathroom. The recipes are simple and thorough, and the products actually smell *good* which is a big bonus.

I must admit, I’m not the cleaner around my house, but my wife seems to enjoy using the products, and I love the way they make the house smell. Of course, I bet she’d like a maid better than a recipe book, but at least we’re introducing fewer chemicals into the house!

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