Where do you find alternative energy information?

When I was first getting started at creating my own electricity, I did a lot of research, and discovered it’s really hard to uncover legitimate alternative energy information.

Ever since Obama decided to make green power a big mover and shaker in his administration, it seems like people have grabbed onto the idea to make their fortunes and they’ve released all sorts of expensive ebooks and video programs (believe me, I bought most of them–the only one worth the money was this one). There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo out there written by guys who wouldn’t know the difference between a gust of wind and rainfall (only one is going to generate any electricity for you) and who are basically just theorizing.

This corrupted alternative energy information is especially prevalent in blog comments. You get guys commenting as if they’re engineers saying stuff that would have gotten them laughed out of my high school physics class, let alone an actual college engineering class.

I brought decades worth of experience to the table when I decided to build my own residential wind turbine, so I was able to weed through all the crummy alternative energy information in my quest to find the good stuff. If you don’t have that luxury, hang with me here–I’ll keep walking you through what I’ve done and how. Also, look to official government resources, they’re growing rapidly and while they’re not always 100% right, they tend to be easy to follow and easy to apply and so far everything I’ve read would get you good results.

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