If Burn Notice used renewable wind power…

I love the summertime spy show, Burn Notice. If you’ve never watched it, Michael Westen (the lead character) is always doing things like turning the trunk of his car into an x-ray machine using hardware store supplies. I was also a big fan of MacGyver.

So, while watching this week’s episode of Burn Notice, I got to wondering what it would be like if Westen built a windmill for renewable wind power. Something like…

When building your own wind turbine, it’s important to remember the shape of the blades is crucial. Too thin and they won’t be durable, too thick and they’ll be too heavy to spin quickly enough to generate enough power. To generate the most renewable wind power, it’s not all about the biggest windmill–in fact, the bigger the windmill, the more costly it’ll be. For some lots, it makes more sense to build multiple small windmills to take full advantage of the prevailing winds and get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re a fan of Burn Notice, too, it can be a lot of fun to pretend you’re Michael Westen and narrate a project of your own. Care to share your version?

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