How wind power will make you really popular with the neighbors…

In the past two weeks, our doorbell has rung unexpectedly no less than 6 times. My wife has threatened to start marking our drop by visitors on a calendar by the front door (that’s how I know there have been at least 6).

Each time, they’ve seen the residential windmill in our backyard and want to ask some questions. Questions like: What is that? Does it actually make electricity for you? How much did it cost? Who installed it? And, most importantly, how could they get one?

When my wife’s here alone, I know she answers their questions through slightly gritted teeth, but when it’s me, come on by! I love showing this thing off.

I take them out into the backyard and let them touch the base of the residential windmill. I answer all their questions (It’s a residential windmill. It does indeed generate electricity for us–right now, it’s covering about 30% of our monthly bill. The one in the backyard cost about $350, but in total so far I’ve spent about $1000 on my make-your-own-electricity project. I built it and installed it. And you can get your own by following these instructions.)

At the moment, it’s great fun having all these visitors and I’m loving teaching them how to build their own residential windmills. But, you could totally help me out by building one of your own so that curious neighbors will be just as likely to knock on your door as mine ;-).

And, for those of you who’ve been asking, I’ve just started taking orders for residential windmills locally. Right now, they’re $750 each–that’s for the same model I built myself for $350 in materials (so you can save $400 by building your own). If you’d like to get on the waiting list, send me an email and I’ll let you know when you can expect yours.

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