The Number 1 Killer of Wind Power (and how to defeat it)

So, these days wind power is getting a lot of press. And that’s awesome, of course! But, there’s a gigantic pink elephant in the room that could absolutely kill it’s popularity in the blink of an eye…

See, despite what people are saying, wind power is expensive. The residential wind turbine will set you back about six-ten grand. Then there’s professional installation on top of that. Oh, and, depending on where you live, you’re likely to generate between 10-50% of your electricity needs with a single wind turbine…

10-50%?! At that rate, it’ll take FORTY ONE YEARS to make back your investment. (By the way, that’s TWICE the expected lifetime of the typical residential wind turbine.)

D*mn! That’s absolutely not what I signed up for. You? (I didn’t think so.)

Sure, setting up residential wind power at home isn’t all about the money. It’s also about taking control back from the power companies and about protecting the environment. But we don’t want to be doing either of those things at the *expense* of our pocketbook.

And that’s why residential wind power can’t catch on faster than it has so far–because there’s this gigantic elephant in the room, this potential killer, the cost outweighs the benefits by more than two times.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can recoup your investment in residential wind power in a year or less and be watching that energy meter spin backwards so that the electric company ends up paying YOU! It just takes three things:
1) A plan. This is something we’ve talked about before here on the blog, and we’ll talk about it more in the future. For now, suffice to say if you have a wind power plan, awesome! If not, make one.

2) A strategic guidebook created by someone who’s already done this, preferably with video so that it’s not just words and photos and you can actually watch someone build the windmill.

3) More than one residential windmill. For most of us, one windmill just ain’t gonna cut it–and that’s regardless of its size. It’s better to build several windmills to generate the power you need, and it’s really not that hard to do. I’m already building my second and it’s going much more quickly than my first.

So, that’s the number one killer of wind power (the cost outweighs the benefits) and precisely how you can defeat it. Have you already defeated this one? I’d love to hear more from you!

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